What is Lemonhood?

girl smiling

How Lemonshood Started

Lemonshood is group of beautiful young ladies who was struggling to lose weight. That was before. Most of us have already lost some weight. Our story started when I decided to lose some weight. I decided to go to the gym and melt some fat off my belly, then I met my friend Shiela. We had the same problem so we became friends. We can relate to each other a lot! More personalities joined us. Here came Rebecca, Anna, and Georgie.

The Start of The Lemon Diet

Rebecca came accross an article online called www.dailynutritionnews.com. It’s about using lemons to detox your body from toxins and here’s the magic word: to lose weight. We all got excited. After the gym we hurried to the groceries and bought lots of lemons. We actually got the whole lemon stocks there that day. Whenever I feel tired squeezing my own lemons I buy the juiced version: Sta Cruz Organic Lemon Juice, you can get it on their website www.swansonvitamins.com.

What We Have Learned?

Well, we have learned a lot of things. I realized that the journey in losing weight will be less painful if you have friends who will work with you in that journey. They make things a lot bearable than it used to be. All of us are now regular drinkers of lemon juice. We mix it everywhere. Sometimes our husband gives us a blank stare. My husband said one time, “You are buying too much lemons, darling. I can’t find anything in the fridge that isn’t lemon anymore.” I was stopping my self from laughing because I know he is going to get mad. He was like a crying baby saying we have enough lemons already. This journey of losing weight was replaced by happy moments together and the realization that we are doing this because its healthy. We don’t focus on losing weight anymore because we already are sexy.