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Refreshing Way To Lose Weight

Refreshing Way To Lose Weight

Are you like us who need to lose weight? Good thing that Internet has a lot of resources to guide us in our journey of losing weight. We have tried so many diet before. We tried to be Vegan even we love meat, we tried almost all  the diet that were invented but none of them worked or simply we cannot follow through. They are difficult to follow because of the following reasons:

  1. These diets require a lot of time.
  2. It doesn’t taste good. You literally have to forget your pleasure for eating.
  3. It cost a lot. Off course we have to say in budget that’s why they are not practical.
  4. They don’t show results. If they don’t give us result, then what for?

So what is this refreshing way to lose weight we are talking about? Here it is!

Use The Power of Detoxification

We use lemon to detox our body from harmful toxins by drinking lemon water every morning in an empty stomach. I thought I would have an acid reflux but it’s quite the opposite. My digestion got better. I squeeze lemon on a glass of water and put the lemon peel in the basin. I let the peel stay in the basin for 2 days before tossing them out. The water tasted better specially when you add ice.

Replace Your Beverage

I love soda so much. I think it’s one of the reason why I gained a lot of weight. I also noticed that I have low energy levels even I’m already feeding my body with tons of sugar. Since I switched to this kind of diet, I replaced my beverage with all the drinks you can do with lemons. Visit our hot lemons and cold lemons page to find out my favorite beverages.

Do Some Light Exercise

Exercise is very important in losing weight. Even if you drink lemons 24/7, if you don’t exercise, you will not reap the full benefits of lemons to your body. Why do you need to exercise? Well there are many reasons. It is good for your health. It makes your heart stronger and makes your butt much fuller. Lemon water has antioxidants which are essential in releasing toxin from your body. You speed up the process of releasing toxins by sweating them. You will notice that after you drink warm lemon water you become sweaty. That is normal. It is because the lemon water is helping your body release those harmful toxins through your sweat.

I will write a post about the outcome of all the hard work I put into this. See you there.