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The Outcome of My Hard Work

The Outcome of My Hard Work

It’s been three months since I’ve been into this diet. And I’m happy inform you that everything is going great. This diet is simple and very easy. Maybe I have ranted on my other post why the previous diets didn’t work for me, well I just found a diet that worked. My routine every morning is very easy to follow. I simply drink 2 cups of lemon water from my fridge every morning, then I start exercising. Depends on my mood, sometimes I walk and there are times when I feel like exercising indoors. After drinking 2 cups of lemon water, I feel like I have more energy to carry on. I’m not sure if this is all in the mind or has scientific explanation to it. So let’s break down the things that changed so far since I tried this diet.

I Lost 5 Pounds

This is the main goal: to lose weight. I lost 5 pounds of weight, hurray! I have achieved what I came for. My clothes look better on me now. More people keep noticing the glow on face, I hope they’re not just flattering me. Since I lost 5 pounds, I can wear my old clothes. It saved me some bucks and trip to the mall.

Reduced Cellulites

Look, I was not expecting this but it was part of the package. I lost weight and lost some cellulite in my thighs. I really hate them. Because of them I wasn’t able to wear shorts because of embarrassment. I tried so many creams to remove my cellulites but the same thing happened, none of them work. I made some research on why I lost those annoying cellulites. I discovered that cellulites are toxins that are being trapped into the skin. They convert the food you eat to layers of fat which is to be blamed for having cellulites.

Better Skin

More people keep on noticing that I look younger now. They are not sure if the reason is I lost weight or my skin just fabulous. I think both contributed to my younger looking aura. I used to have pimples though not severe. I have white and black heads though they are not noticeable; however they make my face look rough. After 3 months of drinking lemon water, there is such a great improvement on my skin, too.

Will I Recommend This Diet?

Hell yeah! My primary goal is to lose weight but it also improved the condition of my face and helped me get rid of my cellulites. Plus, it is very easy to do. Just don’t forget to mix it with some exercise so you can release those toxins through sweating. Good luck.